2016 Planner Guide

2016 is only a few days away, and if you’re like me, you need a new planner! Maybe you are new to planning, and don’t know where to start. Well, Girl, Organized is here to help with our yearly planner guide! 

Weekly Planners

Weekly planners have always been popular and for good reason! They are certainly lighter then daily versions, and are easily accessible in major retail stores such as Target or Walmart, or even a local drugstore such as CVS or Walgreens!

Sugar Paper LA

sugar-paper-planner-2016-2 sugar-paper-planner-2016-5sugar-paper-planner-2016-3 

Pictures courtesy of Target

Sugar Paper planners made their debut to Target last year, and were a huge hit. Their 2016 collection is just as chic, and if I wasn’t so set on my Day Designer A5 inserts, these are a close 2nd. Their covers are just so gorgeous, and look very durable, plus you just cannot beat the price! They have planners of all sizes, from desk/wall calendars to planners ranging from wallet size to a bit smaller than letter size. They also have weekly & monthly options available, and their color scheme this year is blush, gold, black or kraft paper. Very trendy!

Price: $6.99 – $12.99

Size: Small – 3″ x 6″, Medium – 5″ x 8″, Large – 8″ x 10″

Erin Condren

erin-condren-life-planner-2 erin-condren-life-planner-1

Pictures courtesy of Erin Condren

Ah Erin Condren, she seems to rule the planner world right now, doesn’t she? When I finally graduated from Target planners to something a bit more durable, I stumbled upon Erin Condren in 2014. While, I loved my weekly planner, I eventually discovered that I was more a daily planner girl. This is a great planner, but I feel her prices have really gone up, and from what I can tell the customer service has suffered. I personally haven’t had a bad experience, but I suggest a visit to her Facebook page before placing an order. Obviously, this is a risk with any company, so just take this with a grain of salt. They recently came out with an hourly weekly version which is a great addition, plus I’m LOVING their rose gold planners. I mean, who doesn’t love rose gold?!  

Planner dimensions: 7.25” x 9.25”

Price: $50-$75

Daily Planners

Daily planners are best for those who like to keep a daily to do list & schedule. Planners such as the Simplified Planner & the Day Designer have been gaining in popularity especially in the past few years.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner



Pictures courtesy of Girl, Organized

The 2016 Simplified Planner The 2016 Simplified Planner The 2016 Simplified Planner

This year Emily Ley decided to give us a smaller version of her ever popular Simplified Planner, along with adorable & classy designs! It features a daily schedule from 6 am to 9 pm, and a to-do list, as well as a section for Dinner & Notes! Each day includes an inspirational quote as well. For more information feel free to check out my full review of Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner.

Planner dimensions: 6.75″ x 9″ (8″ x 9″ including binding)

Price: $58.00

 Available for purchase through Emily Ley.

The Day Designer



Pictures courtesy of Girl, Organized

This year the Day Designer is offering two sizes of their daily planner, the mini version and the Flagship size. This year they switched to a Monday start on the monthly view which is really interesting to me.  The Day Designer also teamed up with Blue Sky Planners for an affordable 2016 weekly edition available through Anthropologie! I bought the mini version of the Day Designer before they announced the A5 binder and inserts they are releasing on Jan. 6th. 

You can check out my review of the Day Designer for Blue Sky 2015-2016 editions. 

Planner dimensions: Mini – 6.625” x 8.3”, Flagship – 9” x 9.75”

Price: Mini – $49.00, Flagship – $59.00

 Available for purchase through Day Designer.

Disc-Bound Systems

Disc-Bound System planners are similar to binder planners in that you can add & remove pages, but without actually opening and closing rings. 

Arc by Staples


Pictures courtesy of Staples. 

I’m currently using an Arc notebook from Staples that I use as my to do list. I absolutely love it! I write the main points in my main planner, but use this notebook as a running to do list plus I add in detail steps so I don’t miss anything important. These don’t come with actual planner pages, but they sell some, plus this is very popular with those who make their own planner pages. I will have an in-depth review of this planning coming within the next month!

Planner dimensions: Small – 6.75” x 8/75”, Large – 9.5” 11.5”

Price: $9.49 to  $31.49

Available for purchase through Staples online or in store.

The Happy Planner




Pictures courtesy of The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is similar to the Arc notebook from Staples, but this actually comes with planning pages. I personally do not have one, but a fellow blogger has chosen this as her 2016 planner. They are currently on sale because this is an 18 month planner, so it only has the rest of 2016 left in it. Sounds like a great deal to me!

Planner dimensions: 7.75” x 9.75”

Price: $12.48 – $24.99

Available for purchase through The Happy Planner.

 Binder Style

Binder style planners are very popular, and the current top favorites are Kikki K & Kate Spade! I love the binder systems because they allow you such flexibility!

Kikki K

kikki-k-planner-watermelon-large kikki-k-planner-watermelon-large

Pictures courtesy of Kikki K

Kikki K has 3 sizes, and about each quarter they come out with new stylish colors and styles. I currently own a gorgeous gold leather large planner that I use as my personal & blog planner. You can easily keep up to a whole year weekly pages inside of it, but I usually keep up to 3 months of daily pages, plus my blog pages inside it.  These are very affordable, and there are many used or like new planners available in Facebook groups or Ebay. 

Planner dimensions: Large – 240mm x 190mm, Medium – 188mm x 145mm, Small –  145mm x 110mm

Price: $30 – $80

Available for purchase on Kikki K!

Kate Spade



Pictures courtesy of Global Rakuten

Kate Spade is probably one of the most popular & sought after planners, and also one surrounded by plenty drama. They can only be found in their retail outlet stores or on Ebay. Be warned though as Ebay prices can be outrageous, and the outlet prices are much more reasonable… if you can find one. While they are gorgeous, they are much to small for my tastes. The inserts that are included in the planner are somewhat plain to some, but I’ve always enjoyed them. Many either print their own or buy other inserts for these planners, as well as different dividers and stickers. 

Planner dimensions: 5.5” x 7.5”

Price: Varies from $150++

Available for purchase through Kate Spade outlets or Ebay. 

*These are in very high demand on Ebay as they can only be bought in the outlets as far as I know.

 Disclaimer: A few affiliate links are included in this post, but as always this post also includes 100% of my opinions on planners!

Have you decided on a planner for 2016 yet?