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The holidays are fast approaching, and you probably do NOT have the time to do a deep clean of your home. You are not alone! I usually do an excellent deep clean of my home before Thanksgiving, and then just make sure I keep up with the basics until Christmas. The holidays are so busy that doing that twice is just stressful!

Enter your solution! I’ve made a schedule that is super easy to follow and only takes 20 minutes a day! Keep it up until Christmas, and your house will be ready for all your guests! 


 My friends at Viva Brand have made cleaning incredibly simple! Viva Brand offers a choice of two types of everyday towels that work like cloth to stand up to any cleaning job. Viva Vantage has a scrubby texture, like a terrycloth which is ideal for scrubbing kitchen or bathroom counters, for getting stainless steel appliances and glassware to shine and cleaning stovetops, patio furniture, and other grimy surfaces. Viva Towels have a signature soft and smooth texture, like an undershirt cloth. Perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces like coffee tables, and even soft enough for the hands and face.

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Viva Towels have a soft and smooth texture (left) while Viva Vantage has a scrubby texture (right).




  • Tidy up dining room table
  • Remove any mail, paper, magazines, etc
  • Dust furniture
  • Place chairs back where they belong
  • Clean place mats
  • Put out fresh napkins

My dining room stays mostly clean no matter what. I try to keep Mr. Girl, Organized from leaving anything in here, and beside a cat sleeping on the chair, that is the most that will be left in here. Our apartment has our dining room somewhat sectioned off, so that helps! 

When I do clean it, I use the Viva Vantage to clean the glass top of our table. These paper towels are the first I’ve used not to leave streaks on glass or mirrors; I love them! 




  • Fluff sofa pillows
  • Fix throws
  • Dust furniture
  • Tidy coffee table & end tables
  • Remove any mail, catalogs, magazines, etc
  • Put away remotes & game controllers
  • Vacuum

These two pictures were pretty eye opening to me because I didn’t realize how big an impact is just straightening out the pillows would be. I’ve done it so many times, stepped back to admire, but to see a side by side comparison; it’s incredible. Seriously, if you just straighten some pillows and fix your throw, you’re mostly done! 


You can easily make your living room look much cleaner when you remove all the shipping boxes from your Black Friday shopping. Just a suggestion!

In all seriousness, though, the Viva Vantage quickly grabs any dust, cat hair, dog hair, human hair, fingerprints, etc. off all our furniture. I also use the Viva Soft & Strong to wipe along the TV so that I know if I touch the screen it won’t make a smear (Mr. Girl, Organized is super particular about the display!) 




  • Tidy up your entry way if you have one
  • Remove shoes, mail, purses, etc
  • Dust any furniture
  • Sweep or vacuum
  • Clean any pet areas (litter box/food areas)
  • Dust any other furniture
  • Empty & take out all trash

Ahhh Wednesday, hump day. I feel this is very fitting for a miscellaneous day of cleaning. The beginning of the week is meant for easier cleaning days where the rest of your house usually won’t get as messy. The end of the week is for the high traffic areas that will need more attention when people are most likely coming for a visit. Wednesday is meant to take care of those extraneous parts of the house & in case you need to spend the extra time in other areas. 

Since we live in an apartment this is what I call our “entryway,” it’s an end table with a little catch-all basket for keys. That’s it! Though it usually collects some mail as well! We keep a lamp here because I cannot stand coming home to a dark house. Otherwise, we do have animals so while I clean their areas daily, I try to make sure they are extra clean on these days. I scrub their bowls, sweep their area, etc. 




  • Make the beds
  • Tidy up night stands
  • Pick up any clothes on the floor
  • Dust furniture
  • Vacuum

I make my bed most days, but sometimes it is an afterthought. I do believe that ONLY making your bed makes a room 90% better looking. Even if they aren’t the cleanest or a tad wrinkly, your room looks so much better with a made bed! 

Next is tidying up your nightstand or in my case, my vanity. Sadly, my vanity stool is still in production, so I have an adorable pink bench my father made when I was a toddler. I LOVE it, and will never get rid of it, and honestly, I don’t mind it as my vanity stool at all! I only fit on it if I sit on it a weird way, but oh whale! 

I put my purse back where it belongs and moved other essentials back to their place; then I wiped my vanity clean with Viva’s Soft & Strong Towels. This vanity is an antique, so I want to make sure I take care of it correctly. I wiped my husband’s nightstand and cleaned around the bed. 





  • Wipe down counters
  • Clean out sink
  • Clean mirror
  • Spray shower with cleaner
  • Sweep floors



  • Wipe counters
  • Empty sink of any dirty dishes
  • Put away clean dishes
  • Run dishwasher
  • Sweep and mop floor

Unfortunately, at the current moment, my kitchen is a hot mess due to our upstairs neighbor having an unknown sink issue. We had some water damage and therefore, I’d rather not share the insanity that is my kitchen right now! 

Thankfully I’ve been using the scrubby texture of the Viva Vantage Towels to clean any tough messes in the kitchen such as the stovetop, and stainless steel appliances. It rarely tears, and always finishes the job! I’ve even used it wet to clean the sink; it only tore near the end, and that’s because I used it only to clean around the sink handles. I was tugging very hard, so I have no hard feelings that these paper towels did not hold up to that! I’ve had cloth towels that didn’t, soo… what can I do?! 



Rest y’all! Seriously, on Sunday I very rarely do any cleaning. I may pick up the kitchen some, but usually, this is the day that I stick any dirty dishes in the dishwasher and call it a day. Enjoy your family, and get ready for the upcoming week!


Be sure to grab your free printable to help with your holiday preparations! Follow this, and you’ll have a clean home with only 20 minutes a day! Or you can easily get this all done in a little over two hours.



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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    Great post! I love how clear and straight forward everything is- super simple and easy to follow. Very well done and could totally be applicable for anytime of the year, right?
    Thanks for sharing!

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