Hello! Welcome to Girl, Organized! My name is Erica and I’m the girl behind Girl, Organized! I’m a twenty-something professional organizer living in southern Louisiana. I live with my wonderful fiancé and our two adorable cats, Phineas & Neville. While going to college full time, I worked as a personal assistant, and other odd jobs. This combined with living in small apartments the last few years, has really polished my organization skills.

Organizing has always been a hobby of mine. My idea of a fun Friday night in high school was rearranging my furniture & organizing my room. (Who am I kidding? I still think that’s a great night!) Since then, organizing has become a daily habit of mine, and I am always thinking of ideas on how to better organize my life. My fiancé once said to me, “You have a sticky note for your sticky notes!” It was then I decided to share my love for all things organizing! As an aspiring certified professional organizer, I started Girl, Organized as organization/lifestyle blog focused on helping individuals and businesses bring order into their lives.

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Love It. 

Sunflowers. New Orleans. Colored pens. Animals. White Wine. Harry Potter. To do lists.

Over It. 

Negativity. Clutter. No closet space. No straws. Wire hangers.

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